Reliance’s specialty is working on pivotal projects that allow a company to reach their next level. The following is a sampling of the work that Reliance has been involved in.

1.)  Standardization of system codes and business practices for a Fortune 500 company. The company achieved growth thru acquisitions resulting in 211 business divisions. The success of this effort allowed the divisions to operate as "one company" and built a solid foundation to launch future corporate-wide endeavors.

2.)  Consolidation of IT Systems after a company merger that reduced the overall system portfolio by 40%. Effort required eleven conversions over a 14 month period to convert over 5.1 million customers. The organization realized a $200 million cost savings due to the successful project.

3.)  Major application rewrite of the primary business-to-business billing system, that was responsible for billing 40% of the company's $7.6 billion annual revenue. For this million-dollar-plus project, Reliance closely worked with the business groups to capture requirements and then successfully delivered a quality product with no impacts to revenue.

4.)  Business Systems Build Outs for several new markets (Chicago, Cincinnati, Detroit, and Cleveland). The effort involved all major business systems (Billing, CRM, Data Warehousing, POS, IVR, plus a dozen sub-systems).

5.)  Systems conversion of a critical "one-off" market. A single market was operating a different set of systems and needed to be converted to the standard set of systems in order for national products and offers to be launched.

Reliance also has successful experiences with different types of methodologies and initiatives:

  • Package Software Selection
  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • System Development using SDLC
  • Building Project Management Offices (PMO)
  • Information and system planning
  • Vendor Management
  • Data Networking

The following are the industries that Reliance has performed work for:

  • Telecommunications (Wired & Wireless)
  • Financial Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Health Care
  • Government

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