Project Management

Reliance’s project experiences include information and system planning, system conversions, vendor management, custom software development, package software selection and installation, business process re-design, system architecture design, change management, and data networking.

Clients assign difficult and strategically important projects to Reliance due to our track record of delivering successes. Hence, Reliance specialties have become the following types of projects.

Rescue Projects: Designing the solution and then building a team to successfully complete a project that had previously failed.

Foundational Projects: Projects that are key to achieving your "next level", not only for MIS but for the entire company.

Complex Projects: Providing overall leadership to a project that requires the involvement of numerous sub-teams that are all experts in their own area, but the overall solution and inter-team communications are lacking.

Change Projects: Projects that require major organizational change or require building a key department like a Project Management Office.

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